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2024 Exhibitors

Madeline Bruce
Austin Light
(American Demon Comics)

Kelly Jackson (Yelli Kelli)
Ashley Jenkins (Vaughn Crochet)
Bailey Lang
Penny Maddox (The Penny Poppie)
Brenda Mitchell/Susan Coulter (Bags, Bows & Doll Clothes)
Sarah Rigdon
Brittany Woody
(Sunny & 75)
Johanna Worthington (Momma Bear Creations)

Lisa Anderson
(Stamped Out Love)
Laura Baker (Lavender Lark Designs)
Jilliann Batie (Toadstool Creations)
Diana & Larry Carby (Bluegrass Cabochons)
Cassie Harrell
Linda Holloway
Margaret LaPierre
(Fling Joy)
Catherine Lester (Cavalier Jewelry)
Paula Lovelady (Lovelady's Designs)
Tarina McCoy (Lat Long Co.)
Bobbie Nestor (Art in Stones)

Flora Parker 
Peggy Prince (Warm Rainy Day Jewelry)
Denise Resler & Tracy Cabrera (Artistic Creations)
Suzana Richardson (Yala Avenue)
Emily Rickling (Twingles Design Co.)
Kirsten Salem (Dreamstar Designs)
Rebecca Standbridge (Lumago Designs)
Rhonda White


Magda Fox (Mermaid Accessories)
Anne Haynes 
Anne Hyde (Art by Anne)
Suzi Jackson (Sheer Fab)
Wendy Jones (Your Suncatcher Girl)
Clint Langley (Alabama Made Knives)
Kendel Maloy
(I Glass Art Studio)
Kathy McFall
Summer Pieczynski
Gary Reid
Eileen Tully
Miranda Washburn
Janet Wright
(Fabulous Finds)

Terry Alexander
Deborah Belcher

Lynette Brown (Dagmar Studio)
Candice Cobb
Connie Collum
William Darby
Haley Long

Gurley Martin
Orlando Mathers
Dave Powell
Kris Shelledy
(Heartland Moon Inspired)
Beverly Smith
Shirley Troilo
(Divine Inspirations)
Mary Jane Venrick
Genia Westbrook
(Westbrook Fine Art)
Billy Wilborn

Jodie Imholte

Gean Bowen
Sara Bowen
(Sara Bowen Pottery)
Emily Busby (Em's Pots)
Janis Davis (Davis Pottery)
Nam Early (Pottery by Suk)
Paula Jarvis (Art Underground)
Shelley Meadows (Misty Morning Meadows)
Erika Prater (Erika Prater Ceramics)
John Ragan (In the Potters Hand)
Patrizia Warren (Oz Art Collection)

Rick Armstrong
(Shoreline Art)
Margaret Bryan (Green Rhino Studio)
Theodore Cassidy (Precious Metals)
Randall Castleberry (Whoodooville)
Dorothy Glover (Papa T's Candles)
Karen Bearden (McGee Family Crafts)

Rami Awwad & David Flaugher 
(Bethlehem Shop)
Elliot Bennett (Southern Puzzles & Crafts)
Barbara Clark
Stephanie Covert
William Craven
(Wood by Willie)
David Davis (Double D Wood Shop)
Jeannie Gibson (State of Mine)
Hudson River Inlay
Stacy Kindred
(L&K Authentic Creations)
Sheila & Fred Maybee (Chief's Woodcrafts)
Ted McCoy (Cherokee Spoons)
Ashley Morris
North Alabama Woodturners
James Paul
Barton Pierce
(Rezin Kreation)
Tim Tingle (As the Wood Turns)

Sundays Best Soaps

Blind Dog Biscuit
Chicken & Sweets/Southern Yard Bird
Sherapy Sugar Therapy

Mixing Dixie Cocktails
Short Creek Dairy Goats
Cottage Industry Soap


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